Fredericton Convention Centre

AV, Rigging & Electrical

The FCC has partnered with PSAV Presentation Services as a one-stop supplier for AV, Rigging and Electrical. They know our building inside and out, and work side-by-side with FCC staff to ensure your success.

Audio Visual

Ready to marry technology with innovation, the Audio Visual (AV) options at FCC are second to none. PSAV is the preferred supplier, however we will welcome your AV supplier if you have previous relationships (fees may apply). AV services include basic video display through to event production and HD Video conferencing.

AV Services include:

  • Audio visual equipment & services
  • Audience response
  • Computer rental & services
  • Digital media services
  • High definition video conferencing
  • Event production & staging
  • Lighting equipment & services
  • Media & press conference services
  • Presentation management
  • Scenic design and room décor
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Video capture
  • Wide screen panoramic video projection
  • On-site warehouse and dedicated inventory          

Audio Visual Coordination Fee

PSAV, as our official supplier to the Convention Centre, maintains a fully staffed office in the FCC. They provide a complete audio visual planning service, skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and service which are responsive to your every need.

For outside audio visual or show dresser suppliers additional fees will be applicable.  Fees include staffing load in and load out times during normal business hours (an additional labour charge may be applicable for after hours load in/out) and pre/post room inspection.  Prices are subject to tax.

Depending on your AV requirements, additional AV Concierges prices may apply.  Please contact Alex Green for additional information on the AV Concierge package.


Eighty-six rigging points throughout the ballroom, with load-bearing capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, ensure that your vision for the room décor and set-up can be brought to life with clean lines and invisible support.

Rigging Services Include:

  • Customization, consultation and design of event-specific needs
  • On-site support
  • Approval of customer - supplied rigging plots
  • Creation of approved, scaled rigging plots
  • Installation/dismantle
  • On-site lift equipment
  • Onsite rigging equipment

PSAV is the exclusive supplier of rigging for the FCC. With trained, personable technicians and excellent on-site support, PSAV will bring your event vision to life.


With full electrical support for audio and visual set-ups and hundreds of ‘always on’ jacks in the ballroom alone, ample access to electrical outlets will provide the greatest of flexibility for your room set-up.

Electrical Services Include:

  • 120, 208 and 600 Volt single or three phase in a wide range of amperages
  • Laptop computer power distributions
  • Full electrical support for lighting and audio visual set-ups
  • Exhibit power and display lighting
  • Power for entertainment and décor

PSAV is the exclusive supplier of electrical for the FCC. With trained, personable technicians and excellent on-site support, PSAV will ensure you have what you need.



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Director of Event Technology
PSAV® Presentation Services