Fredericton Convention Centre

High Speed Internet

Wired or wireless, we’ve got you covered.

Fredericton was the first city in Canada to offer a community-wide free wireless network, and we are still leading the way with connectivity.

Wireless Internet
Our always on, un-metered wireless 802.11 B/G service typically realizes speed of 3 Megs, and with maximized radio coverage you will experience excellent, facility wide coverage.

In fact, Fredericton’s wireless network covers all of downtown and much of the entire city, so you never have to be disconnected.

Our access points are industry leading-edge to give excellent responsiveness regardless of the number of users attached.

Wireless smartphone/cellphone
Tweet, post, blog, text, search, email. With a cellular tower on the roof of the FCC, your smart-phone will always be as smart as you need it to be. You won’t experience network congestion, even when the FCC is full of smart smart-phone users just like you.

Need wired?
With hundreds of active jacks throughout the FCC, we are wired and ready for you. Plug into one of our always-on, always-ready-for-you jacks and experience 20 Ms of symmetrical fibre-optic access to the Internet.

Dedicated to you
If you have applications that demand extreme speeds, contact us to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

We are proud to be a smart city, and pleased to provide you with the smartest connectivity in Atlantic Canada.

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