Fredericton Convention Centre

HD Video Conferencing Service

Need to talk?
Sometimes phone and email just don’t make the grade, and a face-to-face conversation is a must. If you can’t meet in person, the Fredericton Convention Centre’s HD video conferencing service will make you feel as though you and your party are in the same room. No matter the time zone, you can book the FCC video conferencing services at your convenience.

The Technology
The best high-definition video conferencing capability in the Maritimes, our Polycom View Station HDX 8000: H.323 up to 6 Mbps, with IP HD video conference capabilities, offers a data transmission rate up to 6 Mbps and concurrent use of the Internet. Blu Ray, DVD and two 52”inch LCD/LED screens are permanently installed in our Silverwood Room and ready at the touch of a button.

The Silverwood Room seats 14, and also boasts a single automated high definition projection screen and ceiling mounted projector.

Expecting a crowd?
In addition to the permanently installed video conferencing equipment, the FCC can arrange a video conferencing link in any of our meeting rooms, so you can have as many people as needed on the Fredericton end of the conversation.