Fredericton Convention Centre

How to "Green" Your Meeting

One of the best ‘green’ decisions you can make for your meeting or event is choosing the Fredericton Convention Centre (FCC). It’s no accident that our primary logo colour is green. Green is truly a part of what we do at the FCC. Every day. The FCC was built with many earth-saving green building features included.

A few additional suggestions for consideration:

  • Choose our water station approach, where guests choose to fill their glasses from attractive water dispensers. Even better than water pitchers (and lots better than plastic water bottles!), this approach wastes less water and ensures glassware does not need to be re-washed if not used
  • Choose locally produced, seasonal and/or organic foods from our extensive menu options
  • Consider the menu options that require less packaging and less waste. Muffins, for example, instead of packaged granola bars
  • A supply of pens and pads of paper placed at the water station for your delegates to take, rather than setting each place with a pad and pen
  • Use our digital signage, both the way-finding and those directly outside your meeting rooms, to reduce sign printing
  • Use the FCC plasma screens to thank your sponsors
  • Most of the forms and contracts we need you to fill out can be done electronically on this site, saving the paper from printing and faxing
  • Request that delegates return their name badges and lanyards for use at future events

These are just a few ideas that you may consider to increase the green-friendliness of your event. You can trust that the FCC always thinks green first.


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