The lights, the music, the backdrops and the video. Our in-house experts from Encore will bring your vision to life with inspiration and skill.


From essential sound and lighting to immersive visuals, Encore are dedicated to helping you maximize your event experience and delegate engagement. The on-site team know the FCC inside and out and have a convenient warehouse of equipment on-site.

With 86 rigging points throughout the ballroom and a load-bearing capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, the FCC can be transformed into any scene you can dream—with clean lines and invisible support. Rigging service requirements must be arranged through Encore, the FCC’s exclusive contractor. Encore provides skilled and qualified technicians and riggers for the installation and removal of overhead rigging equipment for specialty lighting, theatrical elements and other show components.

Innovative rigging systems can be designed to hang:

  • Drapes and soft goods
  • Displays, banners and signage.
  • Lighting

Electrical service requirements must be arranged through Encore, the FCC’s exclusive contractor. Encore provides safe and effective temporary electrical services for trade shows, events, and other service providers under contract with the FCC. Encore also provides the qualified specialty  technicians who install temporary electrical distribution equipment—such as distribution panels, cables, and cable mats—and covers all related equipment or products required for safe and complete installations.


Fredericton was the first city in Canada to offer a community-wide free wireless network, and we are still leading the way with connectivity. In fact, Fredericton’s wireless network covers all of downtown and much of the entire city, so you never have to be disconnected. If you have applications that demand extreme speeds, contact us to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Log into FCC-Visitor for reliable, fast wifi anywhere in the building by following these steps:

  1. Under your device’s settings for “Wireless & Networks”, select Wi-Fi
  2. Choose “FCC-Visitor”- Your internet browser should automatically open after selecting the Wi-Fi network. If your browser does not open, please select your browser of choice and this should automatically take you to the FCC splash page.
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions, scroll down, and accept the “I have read and agree to the terms & conditions above” button.

With hundreds of active jacks throughout the FCC, we are wired and ready for you. Plug into one of our always-ready-for-you jacks and experience 20 Ms of symmetrical fibre-optic access to the Internet.